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Digital Corporate Training

If you’re looking to give your corporate training a serious upgrade, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need to breathe new life into your existing program or build a brand new one from scratch, we’ve got the skills and know-how to make it happen. Our team specializes in creating personalized solutions that are both effective and totally engaging. Let’s work together to take your training to the next level!

High-End Custom Courses

Say goodbye to boring corporate training and hello to a whole new level of engagement and effectiveness. Our Custom Courses include detailed presentations, authentic scenarios, realistic 3D environments, and advanced interactivity such as extensive branching and complex animations.

Enterprise Services

We understand the urgency of improving your 100+ hours of training, and it’s a top priority to accomplish this quarter. Our team can help develop your training content by creating storyboards, interactions and scenarios, exercises, knowledge checks, and any required animations to ensure a seamless learning experience.

L&D Consultancy

The L&D industry faces a range of challenges such as adapting to the evolving needs of remote employees, upskilling, and balancing cost-effective training solutions with high-quality learning experiences.  

At Genius Publicity, we are dedicated to being your strategic partner in overcoming the challenges of the rapidly evolving L&D landscape by leveraging our expertise to foster creativity, adaptability, and a strong commitment to delivering engaging and meaningful learning experiences to your employees.



At Genius Publicity, we understand that effective training is not a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we offer eLearning solutions in more than 160 languages to meet the needs of our global clients. Our team of experts works with clients to understand their unique needs and culture, and develops customized eLearning programs that are engaging, relevant, and effective. With our extensive experience in creating eLearning content in multiple languages, we can help your organization break down language barriers and deliver consistent training experiences across your entire workforce, no matter where they are located.

You are in good company

Let’s Work Together

Whether you need support for a one-time, large-scale project or ongoing monthly assistance, our team is here to help. Simply share the details of your task with us, and we’ll get back to you in no time with the perfect solution to fit your needs